Craptions Classics December 06, 2006

Charlie had always been self conscious about his shins.


Other Craptions

the bus was going to stop this time.


He'd been in town less than an hour, and he was already reduced to this. Damn, those pickpockets were good.

Haschel Cedricson

Charlie quickly picked up the testicle he'd dropped and looked around. It was okay. No-one saw it.


How long did you spend looking at his balls thinking of something to say?


"hugging on the street?" thought Jaime, "How inappropriate..."


White guys just don't understand Mexican culture.


"Listen up everybody! My balls have something to say."


Ricardo assumed the basic posture. He was gona drop-it-like-it's-hot like you've never seen before.


"Daddy, is that man-"
"No son, he's just a pop music icon."


Fine, Bill... I'LL ask him where he got those shorts."


presenting: the entire Gay Pride Parade in Houston


Ricardo on his first under cover assignment thought that he had all the bases covered until he realized where he would have to hide the bug.

Jeffro The Man The Myth The Legend

John finally saw his chance to break into porn, but didn't realize that when the shorts came off, everyone would see it's just padding.


No, im not gay i swear.. i just, well.. i like my belly button pierced

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