Craptions Classics December 05, 2006

John may be a dead man, but he'd be damned if he was just gonna walk the plank.


Other Craptions

Waterworld 2: SPRING BREAK!!!


"Flag! Don't jump! We're sending someone out to get you!"

Senor Taco

Standards in Hollywood are slipping; if you look really closely, you can see how they make it look like he's "flying". Some people have claimed to be able to see the film crew on boats in the background, but nobody's eyesight's that good.


Live action Mario reaches the end of the level to the applause of the audience.


Frank was slightly retarded. The crowd took full advantage of this.


It was all fun and games until someone opened the jar of bees.

res nullius

He wondered what those idiots were laughing at as he led the race across the bridge.


Jim never knew what was appropriate at a funeral, and what wasn't.


Standard Mexican sobriety test.


Once the zombies learned how to drive boats, John had only one hope...... Flight.


Jake directed his freefall towards the patch of water between the boats. Unfortunately, just when he thought he'd make it, the guy in white got a mammoth boner.


Steve may have had a crappy boat but his new Man-flag was drawing the crowds anyway.


These Mexican game shows never make any sense.

Some guy

"Run off the plank!"
"Haha! I didn't say Simon Says"

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