Craptions Classics February 22, 2006

"...and this is the Petroleum River. This is where the Oompa-Loompas dump all our hazardous waste created by our candy machines."
"This isn't a very fun tour, Mr. Wonka."
"Up yours."

Senor Taco

Other Craptions

The "missing link" in the evolutionary chart of man wasn't even close to what anyone had expected.

Choco Taco

Tampon commercials are becoming more and more irrelevant.


"Just another few yards people, and we'll be free of-DAMMIT! ANOTHER CIRCUS!"

Silly Billy

Fellow midgets, I think there is a spy among us.


Giggles knew too much. He threatened to report them to the cops. He's at the bottom of the river now.

Linux fan

By dumping the radioactive waste in the lake near the circus, the mutating side effects were hidden for years.


The Dorks! the Dorks are marching on Helm's Deep!

Mr. Magenta

It was a mixture of both Abbey Road and Sergeant Pepper, Paul was sure it'd be a hit.


Jimmy never did seem to fit in with the rest of the midget circus.


Alive on stage! Dead inside.


Just then, the growth hormone kicked in.

Empty can

When asked to give a speech on how Iraq's new democracy was working, Bush simply said: "Hey, I'll draw you a picture!"

As beautifully rendered as it was...


Dr Who (second from left) and the other time lords have a short walk before their meeting begins.


The search for the missing circus midget ended this morning when Thomas Jerry, a fellow circus performer, looked up.

Choosing to "Like" Cracked has no side effects, so what's the worst that could happen?

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