Craptions Classics December 02, 2006

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john was in trouble. somone had pressed the number 2 button and he could feel his bowels beginning to rumble


Home is where the heart is... or, a little lower and to the right of where the heart is.


Unfortunately, the PS3 and the XBox 360 proved to be too popular, and the Wii soon joined the ranks of the homeless.

Haschel Cedricson

Failed Get-A-Free-Wii Plan #482:
Claim to Be "'Papa Wii', Here to Pick Up Kids".


Soon after he removed his battery cover and asked people to change his AAs, Mr. Wii was arrested.

Lawnmover Man

The Wii couldn't help but weep in self-loathing as it waited in the PS3 line.


You can only be called a wiitard so many times in a day before you brake down and cry.


He dressed like this to fight, but no one pushed his buttons, they just waved him around.


This Christmas, all the good child molesters will be going incognito. Will you?

Photon X

Trust me: you don't want to see his nunchuck attachment

Horse with no name

Kim dressed up like a Wii controller to "get all the chicks", but everyone thought he was some sort of gay ninja DVD remote.


Press button #1 rapidly for cream dispersion .


It was now that Yeng realised he should have read the Nintendo marketing job contract more closely

Just visisting

Would anybody like to play with my Wii? Anybody??

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