Craptions Classics December 01, 2006

"Scotsman, corner pocket!"

Senor Taco

Other Craptions

Dhalsim 1, Scotsman 0.

Haschel Cedricson

It had taken generations, but the Scots had finally perfected the anti-aircraft blowpipe.


In the early 1800's, before lasers, aliens were thought to shoot wooden beams of death.


Early Scottish skywriting attempts, while innovative, were ultimately unsuccessful.


The Flying Spagetti Monster makes his presense know to the worthy via his noodly apendage.

Celestial Badger

It is a very long approach shot, and he did play a particularly poor tee shot, which explains Scotty's selection of a fairway wood


Douglas had something he just had to get off his chest.


I said "Beam me up Scotty" not "stick a beam up Scotty" - you dick!


Robert Bruce MacDougal picks his teeth after besting all takers in the "eat the whole fucking cow" contest.


God...i know that i have been bad...but shoving your...........

in my mouth??!?!?!!

thats a little harsh dont ya think?!???!


Yes, Minnesota mosquitoes ARE that big.


So, exactly how do I destroy a tank with this?

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