Craptions Classics November 29, 2006

Boat Tetris is always fun until you get the big hairy man piece that screws up your game.

Senor Taco

Other Craptions

The crowd prayed for the second coming of Jesus, the Son of God.

What they got was the jumping of Jesús, the second cousin of the Mexican Minister of Agriculture.

Lenkrad mit Fusspedalen

Ironically, hundreds of boats trying to reason with the suicidal cliff diver brought his chances of survival down to zero.

The Admiral

Dave was such a show off. Even while diving from 500 feet into a small harbor choked with boats, he had to make the "MY PENIS IS THIS BIG" gesture.


It was then that George realised, after his crystal meth high wore off, he was in fact NOT diving into a giant bowl of Fruitloops.


Without guns, falling backwards out of a building just isn't that cool


Miguel's life flashed before his eyes. His bare ass flashed before everyone else's.


The Lilliputians begged Gulliver to stay out of the pool.

They BEGGED him.


Lacking ammo, the desperate pirates began catapulting all they had.


Well...there was room to dive. Then they all showed up.

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