Craptions Classics November 28, 2006

Armando shouldn't have swallowed all that acid at the first sign of the cops. Now their K-9 unit is zeroing in on him.


Other Craptions

So far this month every shipment to Pee Wee's Playhouse had been hijacked.

Not this one, Frank vowed. Not this one.


No matter how long Officer Jones looked, he just couldn't figure out what those dogs found so amusing.


Officer Tooney couldnt find those mischievious daschunds anywhere. All he could see was a great white hawaiian and three well dressed bakers.


Everyone was surprised to find that when the apocalypse occurred, the Hounds of Hell were not as scary as the Catholic Church led them to believe.


Cerberus and one fat cop on a bike guard the gate to Hades.


Cop:They're behind me arn't they?

Carnival Guy

The four races of the world, represented by three dogs and a pig.

Lenkrad mit Fusspedalen

Officer Johns was flattered; He knew that the hounds of hell rarely cooked for newcomers.


Officer Bristol rounds up three suspects for the PetSmart robbery.

As usual, at least one of them is black.

The Admiral

The cops sat and wondered - where are those WMDs? The informer gave the cryptic clue "Look for three dogs with long ears, chef's hats and bow ties", but so far nothing


When they appeared everyone looked away awkwardly. Though no one wanted to admit it, the Pep-Boys were getting old...


And if you look to your left, you see PETA in there natural habitat.


Robert had worked this beat for twenty years, but today felt eerily different. someone was watching him.


The midget drop was going well until Dave pissed himself

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