Craptions Classics November 27, 2006

It was an awkward moment for all when the policemen and the arsonists passed each other on the way to their respective conventions.

Lawnmover Man

Other Craptions

The average American city only minutes after porn was completely removed from the Internet.


Greenpeace's latest protest to reduce global carbon emissions was perfect except for one small factor.

Dodgy Bob McMayday

The Monster was in police custody, but the villagers were not satisfied.


Uh... you shall not pass?

The Two

The Mob didn't know whether to be relieved or insulted that they only sent out the tiny riot police.

Proud Anselmo

Red rover red rover.....

Rat Boy

The whole world was prepared for Satan's army as well as anyone could expect, but no one expected Satan's final incarnation to be Ashton Kutcher.


It all went terribly wrong when a bystander screamed "Fire!!!!"


North Korea thought that in thier invasion of America the rural "Amish" peoples of the north east would be an easy place to this day god denies any involvement in that short, short war.

heavens wrath

They had almost managed to spell peace with their torchs. Untill the brilliant policemen opened fire and killed every single one of them.


"Damnit if you'd of picked heads like I'd told you we could've sent the fire department"


All right people move along! There's nothing to see here!


"Sir, they're calling for the death of Frankenstein on the grounds that he's a hideous affront to God."
"Hmmm...will they take Rob Schneider instead?"
"I don't know chief, I'll ask."
"Make it so."


Disaster was narrowly averted when it was realised the torch-wielding mob and the police were on their way to the same KKK rally.

El G
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