Craptions Classics November 26, 2006

Victory was all but guaranteed for Paper's attack on Rocks. As long no Scissors showed up.


Other Craptions

Seen here.
The French Army on maneuvers armed, as always, with their trusty white flag.


Before graduating to a Terror Camp, Al Qaeda recruits must first go through Mildly Worrying Camp.

El G

Texas bravely decides to fight terror and illiteracy at the same time.

Lenkrad mit Fusspedalen

Call Of Duty for Nintendo Wii


Though it was a good first try, Janet couldn't shake the feeling it was going to take a while before the Iraqis got the hang of reading.


"I.O.U. one gun"...what the fuck!!!!


The FCC decided that "Band of Brothers" was too violent. Just like they did with "ET", they replaced all the guns with other objects, and the soldiers with minorities.


The new budget cuts hit homeland security the hardest.

Bones Jackson

In the twenty-second century, when lawyers reign supreme, war will look a lot like this.


Fed up with the asinine antics of the street mimes, the snipers closed in for the kill.


Halfway through their forced death crawl across the field to clear it of landmines, the peasants discoved the "KICK ME" signs on their backs and every one had a good laugh.

Bouncing Betty

As defenders hold the line with stealth weaponry, forces attacking from the rear are stopped in their tracks by Francine "Nerve-Gas" Whitney (left).


"God dammit!" yelled Sgt. Hicks "I asked for PARATROOPERS - NOT Paraplegics!"

Uncle Bulgaria.

"Auditions for Les Miserables my ass!"
"Listen, we haven't had work for months! Now shut up and aim, damnit!"
"I never loved you. Know that before I die!"

the jake
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