Craptions Classics November 25, 2006

Screw it! This is never going to be believable. Lets just land on the moon for real.


Other Craptions

In order to update the wizard of Oz, a few changes were made: The Tinman became a business man, the Scarecrow; a programmer, the Lion; a swinger, and Dorothy; a 600lb cybernetic monstrosity with a talking laptop named Toto.


The more hits Roy took off his Sharpie marker, the less stupid Jay and Paulo's ideas seemed...

Idaho Jones

But tomorrow is the race ... we should have put less time in the suit and more time into the gocart


Bob, Derek and Ed looked on in amusement as Edwin attempted to masturbate in his spacesuit.


NASA engineers are so smart and a head of their time that some were known to sport an 80s porno mustache as early as 1958.


The guys grew impatient after their second hour standing in line for the virtual reality sex suit.


Due to budget cuts and outrageously high priced airline tickets, "Girls Gone Wild:Cancun/Vacant Lot" was the least watched of all the series.


Press photos released by the Khasakstani Space Program reveal they are years away from being able to send a man to ... the present.


Er... guys, I think we're moving away from the idea behind the Canary Convict...


FUCK IT USTIN!!!!!!!! We'll DIE ON THE MOON!!!!!

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