Craptions Classics November 24, 2006

Andy had forgotten the first rule of photography school: If you don't get the shot, whatever you do, don't let someone else actually get a shot of you not getting the shot.

Zach L in Japan

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Electric Storms on Film: On Film

The Dan

On the first day God created the world. It would be a few more days before it was in color.


Looking back on it, Rick wondered how the fuck he took that shot of himself.


Thus began Gods epic war on United States.


"See kids? We had no such things as camera flashes in the old days! How else do you think we got the night shots?!"


Adam to Eve: God is seriously pissed off. What did you do? He just ripped the tree of eternal life out by the roots and took it home with him.

Eve to Adam: O shit... hey what were you doing with that camera? Were you filming me in the


Michael Keaton was confused, he was quite sure that The Shoveler was from that other crappy hero movie.


Screw giving this picture a caption, give one to this!!! WTF!!!!


Their marriage wasn't going so well... until one night in bed when she figured out how to turn his ringtone to vibrate.


Bill was satisfied as he took a shot of the "biggest tree in the world"

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