Craptions Classics November 23, 2006

Steve's Lawn was easily converted to the dark side

The Skins

Other Craptions

Nobody else bothered putting up their Christmas lights after the Teslas moved into the neighborhood...


The feud between the two ant colonies was escalating quickly.


Nothing like the smell of their own seared flesh to inform the Jehova's Witness's that they were not welcome.

Mr Happy

The robot, shown here naked, destitute, and vomiting on a stranger's lawn, never recovered from the 1968 cancellation of Lost in Space.


And with the Spirit Sucker 5000 that old "house built over an indian burial ground" problem is a thing of the past!


Although the effect was impressive, the Ku Klux Klan was seriously considering going back to just burning crosses.


The aliens probably WOULD have achieved total control of Earth, if they hadnt mistaken grass as the dominant species.

Idiot Quadros cant speak English

Jerry was beginning to regret pulling its finger.


True their power bill had tripled in the past week but they were happy to finally get rid of those damn moles.


honey...i told you not to let the dog shit in the neighbors yard now that´s another $800 show dog down the drain.


The truck mocked the grass as the grass was being fried... The driveway had no comment.


After Monday night, the neighbor's dog never once shit in their yard again.


So THATS where the tentacled flying lamp fucker disappeared to.


this is what a homemade conventional oven of asia will look like

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