Craptions Classics November 22, 2006

The Halo motion picture failed to meet expectations.

Taco Master

Other Craptions

Longing to become his own person, Kenny quits Southpark and joins the army.

barrel of grizzlies

Disabling Bombs is one thing. Women are another story.


Awww MOM, it is only my first day of bomb school. The other kids are laughing. Can you tone it down a bit?

Hoof Hearted

2,800 days later, the Rage virus had become so weakened as to become laughable.


*sigh* No, ma'am I do NOT want to guess which hand the detonator is in.


Steve went to the park to try out his new Anti-rape defense rape suit.


Joe laughed at Mark and David. Their standard camouflage wasn't enough to avoid Janice's detection, whereas his orange van suit worked to perfection.


Old Lady Vs Man on life support


(Guy in the background)- Why does that guy have on full body armor, and I have a knit cap and face paint?

- Jenkins, you're expendable. There. I said it.


She liked it rough and he liked it safe; they were a match not meant to be.

monkey man

You want a piece of me frog-man? You want a piece of me? Come on, BRING IT!


Micheal Bay's: The Teletubbies
Coming Summer 2025


You want me to -punch- the bomb? Look lady, I don't telly ou how to be frumpy. How are you gonna tell me how to do my job?


"Excuse me, miss, do you happen to know where Devil's Lake, North Dakota is? I seem to have ended up in Helena, Montana by mistake."

Dr. S
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