Craptions Classics November 21, 2006

"Then I says to Koizumi, 'No way are you gonna pull that royal flush! I swear I'll dress up in blue pajamas and have a friggin' slumber party in China if you've got that royal flush!'"

Whacky Boy

Other Craptions

The Asian leaders stared on in disbelief and sadness. They had invited their foreign comrades to their dress-up tea-party, but no one seemed to want to talk to them.


The G8 decided to watch Pokemon 2000 and get pizza hut at the annual slumber party.


"What the hell kind of sleepover is this? I said no girls!"


Wang wore the yellow jammies of shame. At last year's G8 slumber party he did not have a dry night.


"We can get PS3S out of this right?"

Mr. Chunk

"And Mr. Putin, may I be so bold as to say that your forehead smells like a summer breeze..."


"Don't look now, Putin, but that perv in yellow is scopin' for ya."

Whacky Boy

China stared in disbelief as Russia dumped him for a younger, more powerful nation.


"Why don't you just tell them the truth, Bush?"

"We do that too. And most people believe us. But a quarter of the population is retarded!"

Suck it, Bush-bashers

Follwing the President's lead, everyone falls for the "Hawaiian Traditional Head-Butting Greeting" prank.

Crank Caller

"Hey, didn't ya used to have some kind of big red birthmark or sumthin' there?"


Bush: Would you look at THAT! I thought Woopie Goldberg was black!!


"So i was all like, of course we're all wearing yellow man, i promise! we're gonna look awsome! Boy, he was sure pissed off when he got here!"


"Um guys, I think the Prime Minister of Canada is dead."

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