Craptions Classics November 20, 2006

And here we see an example of the newly discovered element Chinesium under a scanning electron microscope's lens.


Other Craptions

Where will you be when diarrhea hits?


Lee Wei had an enormous boner, and not only did everyone know it, but they were relying on it for structural integrity.


Once everything is made by Indonesian children, it’s only a matter of time before things are made from Indonesian children.


Asian cheerleaders do not fuck about when spelling out their team's name


With nothing but a high population at their disposal, China attempts build the first Earth-Moon bridge.


It may have taken him 10 years of gymnastics, but he finally got to touch a girls ass.


We've made contact with extraterrestrial life. And... well... they're fucking ridiculous.


Oompa Loompas simply couldn't compete when Willa Wonka started outsourcing to Asia.


"That's weird. We all wore the same thing today."

conspiracy of two

"...and in conclusion, Korean children are 165% more flexible when wrapped in aluminium foil"


Go ahead, Yoko! Eat ALL THE CHILI YOU WANT before practice! You're only going to fart on your own head.

Coach Oni

"試試看!" (cameltoe)


This is why asians slaughter us at math. Their schools aren't afraid to think outside the box.


"I know we're contortionists and all, but can't we just change the lightbulb the ordinary way for once?"

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