Craptions Classics November 19, 2006

Say what you will, but if you ask Allah for a goat, you get a goat.

None of this Christian "The goat is in your heart" crap.


Other Craptions

Step 1:
Throw your goat into the surf.

Step 2:

Step 3:


As Allah tossed him a baby goat to go with his 53 eunuchs and 18 World of Warcraft players, Achmed came to realize that "72 virgins" was a pretty broad concept.


The second coming of Christ only managed to raise more questions.


Oh! No wonder we're not sailing yet, the manual says "BOAT".


"It wants our wallets, too?"

"Like we're in a position to argue? Give it what it wants!"

Saint Joe

"Newton was a fool! You mean to tell me this fat goat and this tiny rope will both fall at the same speed?"


"Bullshit. Prove it."


"If the goat flies then it is possessed and we must kill it. And if it dies then we'll know it was pure of heart."

"It's a win win situation."


And they sang in broken English, "Throw throw throw your goat..."


The concept of the Flying Spaghetti Monster loses nothing important when translated to Arabic.


'Follow the Goat of Allah!'
'No! Don't listen to him! Follow the Rope of Alah!'
'No... the goat!

War would shortly follow. Again.

El G

While the others cowered, Jeffy remember Goat-ors only weakness, finger guns.


The goat divided by zero.


The SeaGoat attacked, panic ensued


Hicks in America have cow-tipping. Hicks in Islamic countries have goat-suicide-bombing.

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