Craptions Classics November 18, 2006

As the balloons clamor for sunlight, the weaker ones inevitably wither and die. This may seem cruel to us, but such is the law of nature.


Other Craptions

And so, his revenge complete, Billy quietly put away his BB gun, and walked away.


When the alien invasion finally did happen, they weren't nearly as technologically as advanced as we had thought.


The legendary invisible christmas tree... decorated.


Ha Ha Ha! Stupid Americans will never expect us to fly balloons into buildings!

Osama bin Laden

"Tired of early morning traffic? Hate the complexity of motor vehicles? Then come on down to Andy's Hot-Air Ballon Dealership and Emporium. Where the only thing that isn't rising is our prices."


Nena refused to turn her sniper rifle over to the authorities until all 99 of the balloons were both red and luft.

Twilight Blues

Obb smiled. Even though he was not in first, he was still beating that bastard Toto.

The Stu Crew

Bush's escape plan for Democrats in the event of nuclear war wasn't near as advanced as the Bullet trains and underground shelters the republicans and military would use.

Chi-lab Grassie

Timmy's lungs exploded before the last balloon was inflated, but he died knowing his record would never be beaten.


The proctoscope revealed some pretty disgusting polyps growing in grandpa's colon.


Every year the balloons gather together to mate.

Chef Boyardee

Global warming has ensured that this species will continue to thrive and will eventually become dominant.


Underneath all of this is a poor man with a lot of strings trying to make a living.


Ballonists mistakenly double book archery school.

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