Craptions Classics February 20, 2006

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monty thrush

Other Craptions

They say the camera adds ten pounds.


Only after spending tens of thousands of dollars to capture the game from innumerable angles and in infinite detail did Greg realize that golf isn't all that exciting.

Tim S.

Peter was certain he had found the perfect paparazzi disguise - a bush made of cameras.


Compared to the CIA the the Russian recon technology was a bit behind.


"Yes, I see how it works now! The more cameras I have, the more photos I can take!"
"But you can only use one camera at a ti-"
"Genius! Pure genius!"


Having spent another tiresome day looking very professional in the 90 degree heat at Pebble Beach, the first five minutes in the developing lab would reveal the lens cap had foiled him yet again.


Finally, after months of searching, he had found the nudist camp. All that was left to do now was to blend in.


"Go-go gadget camera... AW WHAT THE FUCK? I JUST NEED ONE!"


It wasn't the thousands of rolls of film, the hundreds of lenses or even all the cameras he carried that made Jim the best photographer who ever lived. It was the KNEEPADS!

Silly Billy

Jim had no film, but what he lacked in films, he made up in cameras


...And then he walked into a water hazard and drowned.

Linux fan

Craig knew what all the cameras were for, but the Stanley Cup taped to his back remained a mystery...


And hour later as David had finally put on all his gear, he felt the need to suddenly go to the bathroom


"Oops... left the lense cap on..."

"All of them?"

"Yeah... all of them."

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