Craptions Classics November 10, 2006

Drew smiled. Years of playing Duck Hunt had prepared him perfectly for the threat to his town.


Other Craptions

This small mountain village had always hoped for a white christmas. They were about to get one.


"Today will be partly cloudy, with a 60 percent chance of the Ten Plagues of Egypt."

USB animl

We can't stop here.. This is Bat Country.


And thats why you will need a gig of RAM on your video card to play the next Need For Speed.


1914- British forces find a way to ensure carrier-pigeon messages get through. Also possibly the invention of spam.


Warning: Yellow ahead.

Celestial Gold

Sauron's spies were plentyfull in Nebraska, if the Fellowship came through he would know.

Dan Foley

Sometimes the Pied Piper gets bored.

Zombie attack

Just then, Batman exploded.

Senor Taco

...and honestly, until this point, Sam really didn't think the highway to hell was all that bad.

Bob Cobb

Man had always suspected it would be the dolphins to replace him as the dominant species on earth. But dolphins, whilst crafty fuckers, can't crap on your car en masse.


The "don't build houses here because of freak bat migrations" sign could have been a little more informative.


As Tom exited the car wash in his new car, he thought "God really does hate me".


With the coming of old age, The Mighty Ducks had forgotten how to work their Flying V

The Armadillo
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