Craptions Classics November 08, 2006

Taking down the 'S' for repairs from the Slaughterhouse was something Mr Koishi would later regret.


Other Craptions

Dr Jin, professional cloud-hunter, takes silver linings as trophies.


MC Escher presents his design for the slide in the new playground.


Skynets first T-1000 terminator proved to be more of a prankster than a killing machine.


Everyone in the village ridiculed the Metal Snake Charmer... until the day the Metal Snake attacked.

le douche

As the giant paperclip started its mating dance, Mr. Jin knew he was fucked.

Lawnmover Man

Mr. Kuriyama sighed with frustration. It had been 2 days, and he still couldn't figure out how to escape from the metal mobius strip.


"Look buddy, I don't care what supreme being sent you. Just get the FUCK off my lawn!"


Steve watched thoughtfully. Watching somebody trying to figure out what in the fuck the sculplture was was by far more entertaining than doing it himself.

The Admiral

Colonel O'Neill watched approvingly as the Stargate deflated. Professor Tanaka's evil masterplan was foiled once more.

Lenkrad mit Fusspedalen

According to IKEA this was supposed to be a closet.


Well, it's not to scale, but you get the picture.


My God, it's full of stars.


Mr. Ajiki felt the hair on the back of his neck stand up, followed shortly by his crotch hair and butt hair. There was something freaky going on.

Zach L in Japan

you shoulda seen the rectal thermometer.

Chenital Warts
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