Craptions Classics November 07, 2006

Peacock, the latest addition to the X-Men, has the mutant ability to suck the charisma from anyone who touches her.


Other Craptions

Jean froze..His heterosexuality was back!

Celestial Gold

Amazingly, everyone's attempt at the high-five failed miserably.


There is a lab in Sweden where French people are no longer born - they are constructed.

Ugly Bob

"Oh no, I'm not going anywhere," the giant tomato responded. "See this backstage pass? I'm staying right here, asshole."

Empty can

Before digitally removing the crew, the "karate kid" kick is far less impressive...


The Superbowl fiasco would never happen again.


Sadly, there just weren't enough breasts to go around.


life-size edition.some assembly required


julie began to think that the 'dress rehersal' was just a chance for the nerds in the suits to grope her


vegas dancers have their own groupies...


You can see the shock on the one guy's face as he realizes if he had only listened to his parents he wouldn't have to hold her armpit hair.

supernerd 414

The legal team quaked with fear as Emeril began to prepare another legendary Thanksgiving feast.

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