Craptions Classics November 06, 2006

May 21st: Puff the Magic Dragon arrives in China.
May 22nd: Puff the Magic Dragon discovers opium.


Other Craptions

"Getting the tiger to crouch was easy, but getting that dragon to hide is going to be a bitch if he keeps laughing... Chang hit him with the drum"


...and they proved, once and for all, that The Never Ending Story could, and had, been ended.


Nobody expects the Buddhist Inquisition!!!

Lemke Lot

Mushu cackled hysterically at the clever caption beneath him.


The Tibetan people knew little of Chinese New Year so they didn’t think twice about slaughtering what they had believed to be a Yak.


Although Xhang the Chinese Dragon found his Dali Lama joke hilarous, the tibetians were not amused.


His lollipop taken away, Feng'Shu the dragon throws a world class hissy-fit.

Playa J

The tryouts for the new show "Shaolin Idol" was not bringing in the level of talent that the judges were hoping for.

hoof hearted

"High five! Anyone? No? ok, whatever..."


The Buddhist Power Rangers weren't so thrilled to defeat their enemies, as their prequel counterparts.

Edis Krad

We should have put a few more points into our summoning skill.


The 'Badass Buddhas', Tibet's most hardcore rockers, demonstrate what they're going to do to the 'Chinese Dragon' in their hit single 'Meditate on This'.


Always attempting to attract the younger crowd, Square Enix decided that the main character in Final Fantasy XII should wield a giant novelty lollipop.


Quick, bring in the giant lollypop, he's going into cardiac arrest.

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