Craptions Classics November 05, 2006

...But other than that, cricket and baseball are pretty much the same.

Lenkrad mit Fusspedalen

Other Craptions

Suddenly, the game was called off on account of it raining men.

Senor Taco

This was by far the strangest pitch Randy had ever seen.

The Admiral

A tear rolled down Joe's cheek. His "baked boy on a stick" had touched the ground far longer than the 5 second rule allowed.


Well, the batter was still following the rules by hitting the balls that came towards him.


"There used to be a time when I was surprised by stuff like this"


"I don't usually mix work and play , but it is our anniversary."


The commercialisation of cricket had gone too far. Even the streakers had their own sponsors.


They say, inside every great man is a game of cricket ready to be played


Damn it John! Will you stop at NOTHING to pimp your website?

911 dispatch goddess

Wrong ball!


Yeah, that's the spot

Clint Stevens

I am going to rape u with this bat.


In Football, players are allowed to tackle streakers. This is what what cricket players are allowed to do at them.

Tu PAdre

After the disaster involving a veteran nudist and a wicked wind-up, the streaking community was never quite the same.

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