Craptions Classics November 03, 2006

While teased and ridiculed by his adopted flock, Mr Yagama showed them all by being the first to take flight.

Lawn Dart

Other Craptions

"You fucking ducks! Come back with my pants!"

USB animl

Han's ADHD turned out to be a major detriment to his team.


In this scene, we see the miracles of Video Editing. Our guys in the tech department added some length to David's Wong.


Cato saw through inspector Clouseau's clever disguise.

The Admiral

Mi took his teammate's suggestion to "go fuck a duck" too literally.


Chang had been balanced on Han's head for hours. He was just about to strike when a passing boat disturbed his prey.


Always trying to save a buck,the owner of Chineese Delight resturant hones in on tonights special.Crispy duck.$11.99 plus tax.


hey! they took my rubber duck! :(


When the screenshots of Uwe Boll's Duck Hunt movie were leaked onto the internet they received mixed reactions

None of them were good


levitation is possible, but ony while pursuing 6 ducks that are weighed down with your own semen.


the hong kong version of superman returns was...a disapointment


Why is everyone so focused on the ducks? Can't you see that guy was almost eaten by a dragon?

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