Craptions Classics November 02, 2006

Ted Steven's Interactive Guide to the Internet.


Other Craptions

Gabe covered his genitals in horror as he realized that he had mistakenly gone down the castration tube.


"What are the slides for?"
"Well sir, those help employees travel to lower floors in half the time of an elevator."
"Why is there a shark tank at the bottom?"
"That's just for fun, sir."
"I like the way you think, Henderso


Apparently Jack had failed the job interview.

The Admiral

Steve rued the day he'd asked that Seuss fellow to design the elevator system.


Years later, when the aliens try to recreate the lost human civilization, they mistakenly take Futurama as a documentary.


Paul had to admit as he prepared for the probing, this was the most interesting abduction he's been through


No you can't come to the office with Daddy. Daddy's work is busy and you will just be in the way.


come back Linux fan, we have forgotten how its done.

Lix fannu

Another grueling day at Google Labs.


Wait! this isn't the way i went up.


Ted demonstrates his life size version of that classic game Chutes and Ladders.

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