Craptions Classics October 31, 2006

"Sun Pak, we've placed 5 beers in front of you. And just beyond them is a headset for playing Starcraft. On a scale of 1 to 5 which would you prefe---Holy Shit!"


Other Craptions

The idiom "Crack open a cold one" didn't translate very well into Korean.


During a night of drinking with his new American buddies, Jhoon unitentionally reinforced every Asain streotype...ever.


Given the choice between getting wasted and obtaining a 'multikill', most Koreans will go for the latter - it being worth more points.


The Korean version of prohibition was much more extreme.


Su Kim felt silly a second later when he realized there was an "e" in "Hite."


You must be of at least this hite to drink beer.


The famished beers voraciously attacked Chan's hand as he screamed in pain.

too good

As the price of lumber and cinder blocks in Asia rise ever higher, martial artists continue to search for acceptable substitutes with which to demonstrate their skills.


Young Mr. Lee didn't understand the concept of the twist-off cap.


He was determined to find which bottle held his lower teeth.


Frame by frame analysis proves that, yes, the beer was the one who started the fight.

The Admiral

"And then there were no bottles of beer on the wall!" screamed Huo as he smashed the 5 remaining bottles.


Sun Pak repaired the broken bottles by quickly passing his hand over them.


Koreans didn’t take well to imitation beer.

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