Craptions Classics October 30, 2006

The beanstalk was cut and the giant slain, but all Jack could think abut was the sweet new air conditioner he had gotten out of it.


Other Craptions

That's right little Daniel,
Daddy needs his nose candy.


Too exhausted to change out of her jammies or put on her wig, Tinkerbell prepared to pump Peter's stomach...again.


Galactus wakes up to a hangover the likes of which the Universe had never before seen.


"FEE, FI, FO, FUM, can you please plug the AC back in, it's like a hundred fucking degrees in here."

USB animl

After years of disappointments, Dave had finally built a blow up doll to fufill his perverse sexual desires.
Desires that involve a jetpack.


Disney's new movie "Honey, I enlarged Grandma"


"Freedom" whispered Andre as the light faded from his eyes. Jack cluncg to Frosty, their friend was dead.

The Admiral

The party had been a huge success,but cleaning up was a bitch.


Antoine prepares the pneumatic mud applicator for the giant's first facial treatment in five hundred years.


look what happen when u cut down a bean stalk...


The Lilliputians were back, and this time they weren't fucking around.

Mr. Jinx

Poetic Justice: When Javier Bardem's corpse is as bloated as his awards collection.


Ted woke up to discover an enlarged Ozzie Osbourne in his driveway after he had apparently passed out the night before.

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