Craptions Classics October 29, 2006

Steve watched from his boat with intense jelousy. He had been fishing for 8 hours and what had he caught?

Not a goddam thing.

The Admiral

Other Craptions

So yeah, I couldn't wear chaps or my hat, and I had to use a thicker rope than normal, but otherwise roping whales is pretty much like roping steers. Oh, and my horse drowned.

El G

The marine biologist tried to act casual as he pulled his pants up and walked away.

Lawnmover Man

I caught him with my bare fucking hands, that's how I caught him. How do you think I caught him? In a fucking boat? That's for sissies.

Dick Zanormous

Aaron smiled. Maybe NOW the other whales would learn to stay the fuck off his lawn.

Haschel Cedricson

"Now I'm gonna ask you one more time: Where's Nemo?"

Senor Taco

Ben tries to impress the attractive environmentalist by moon-walking on the whale corpse.

politeness rulez

You know your boat sucks when Jonah, who gets swallowed up by the whale, makes it to shore before you do.

Fruit Cakekes

Jim was getting his bait back, no matter what it took.

Lt. Mudd

Sven ignored the angler's cruel taunts. So he couldn't afford a real boat. He got by.


Free Willy Directors Cut.

No one ever believed him, but what he caught really was 'this big'.

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