Craptions Classics October 28, 2006

"So what's it do, Tom?"

"It shuts her up for a while, Bill."


Other Craptions

Mrs. Bic? I'm afraid we have some bad news about your husband...


While watching the first tests, the CEOs of Toshiba started to realize their mistake: "Virtual Geisha Handjob" will not have much appeal to the male buyer target group.

Andy Christ

Virtual Dishes was good training for Yokiro, but the real test will be Virtual Laundry


Darth Vader knew he had kids out there, it was just finding them that was the problem


Its hardly fair, I can grad her tits and blame you


Wives day at SONY,
Tech guys humouring themselves with what is in reality the new Tosiba vacuum cleaner


What Martha doesn't that she's dead.

Holocaustume Party

Just use the force luke


Can floating Heads be comstipated?


Just use the force luke


something amazing has happened, NUMBER 5 IS ALIVE!!


this is just another way for the asians to make fun of the retarded americans.


Half-Life 3: Invasion of the head-Convenience Store Camera Bubble-crabs.


when you day-dream about your boss's overly large self-esteem and total big headed-ness.

somone who doesn't really care...
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