Craptions Classics February 18, 2006

"Jim! We thought you were dead!"
"Nope! Trampoline!"

Senor Taco

Other Craptions

Luckily for Stewart, this incident occurred during the Beta version of base jumping, before they introduced fall damage.

Chab Gassie

If at first you don't succeed, skydiving is not for you.


Unfortunately, the base jumping group's plan to spell out 'YMCA' with their bodies went awry when Brian forgot how to spell 'M'.

Linux fan

The McKenzies had finally escaped the tax collectors. But at what cost?


It was all a ruse. The invisible escalator didn't work one bit.


At this rate, we will never make it to Mordor.


"I just wanted a huuuuuggggg....."


As he crept up behind the last man, Chab laughed. He had never thought they would agree to this trip, even for his birthday - now the treasure would belong to him alone...


Alice wouldn't realize that she had confused her "Forever friends" pink lunch rucksack with her "My little Pony" advanced Pink Parachute until it was too late...


John's motto in life that you should "never do anything in life while wearing a parachute" eventually revealed its need for exceptions.


At last we know the answer to the question "if your friends all jumped off a cliff..."


Their fate was decided, the user had run out of parachutes.

The Lemmings would be missed.


Hey Ted I slept with your WIIIIFE!


Wait, "Tandem" means not together right?

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