Craptions Classics October 26, 2006

She typed LOL, but she didn't mean it.

Lawn Dart

Other Craptions

October 2006: Saudi Arabia helds its first annual "Speak Your Mind About Islam" festival

Andy Christ

After an hour, the street magician still hadn't returned. The crowd began to feel vaguely foolish.


The symbolic silence was awkwardly broken when Aisha's cell phone began singing about "my lovely lady lumps".


Steven never could figure out what to do with his kidnap victims.

Amish Electricity

Tourettes Convention 2006


Women can't ask if the pants make them look fat, and the men can't tell them the ugly truth. Duck tape really does fix everything.


The cover art from Pink Floyd's new album "Wish you would shut the fuck up"

chewy centre

Abir was thankful. Atleast she could still text.

Hungry Joe

The most frustrating part about the open auditions for Don Corleone was the everybody picked the same fucking scene for their screen test.


Hrmm mmnn mmmrph rrmmmf rrph nnnff mmmmmh. Phrmmmm mmnh mmmmrh nnph. Mmm rf!
Mrr nnn, Mmmnn. :-[]

*Sending message...*
*Message sent*

Empty can

The silent majority WAS turning out to vote in this election. They had had enough.

The Aristocrat

Everyone tried their best to be respectful at Tom Selleck's funeral.

Sweaty Pete

The oranges had attacked swiftly and without mercy.

But amongst the human victims, heroism still persevered.


You realize I can't understand any of you unless you speak in purple.

Born Toulouse-Lautrec
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