Craptions Classics October 25, 2006

As they ride the elevator to heaven, the bomb squad mocks Chico's decision to cut the blue wire.


Other Craptions

Unit 17 tries to remain inconspicuous while trailing their target.

Lt. Mudd

Mr Scott was back with reinforcements, he was going to get his correct change from that fucking ticket vendor.

Mr Jinx

24 enters its 15th season


Steve was embarassed. I mean, what are the chances of running into two other guys wearing the same outfit?

Hungry Joe

The latest version of Counter-Strike was somewhat disappointing.

Bad Karma

By and large, the Senior Citizen Meat Shield program was a great success; nonetheless, there were some drawbacks in force mobility.


Stuck behind Mr Wilson on the escalator, Team X could only watch as Dr Doom went down the other way.


"Um, excuse me, sir? We're kinda in a hurry? Sir? Hello? You know what, nevermind."


Some of the officers thought sending a swat team after an old man was overkill. None of them would get off the escalator alive


As hard as he tried Brian just couldn't shake the feeling that he was being followed.


And he would have gotten away if it weren't for those meddling kids.


" 'Take the escalator' you said, 'it'll be faster than the stairs' "


Mr. Weatherbee reacted swiftly after being told by some punk kids that his new came was, "Da Bomb."


As they ride the ESCALATOR to heaven, the bomb squad mocks Chico's decision to cut the blue wire.

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