Craptions Classics October 23, 2006

The ignorance of our generation... There was real life Tetris right behind him.


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And as the crowd fled in terror from the mysterious rocks that had fallen from the sky, Timmy came to a stunned realization... control Tetris, control the world.

Hobo John

"Stupid adults. Kick me out of Stonehenge will they? I'll build my own Stonehenge. And There'll be hookers! And Blackjack!"


Here we see two prime examples of primitive technology.

Would somone please get that boy a DS


Billy frowned. What was wrong? The shape-charges were in place and the crowd was in the perfect position but his remote had not set them off.


Billy checked his map. Zelda was definatly here.

Lt. Mudd

"It's already hard enough to take a dump in front of Stonehenge with out you taking my picture, mom."


That should distract them while I watch some porn.


The irony wasn't that he ignored an ancient wonder of the world for some gimmicky video game. What no one noticed was the flying saucer that fell out of his pants right before the picture was taken.


"Hold on mom! I've almost unlocked Stonehenge in Civilization IV"

Search for "McDonald's + Scone HInge
Children, culture and predictive text


Legend says only to look upon the Sacred Stones through a mirror's reflection, or face certain death.


Stone Henge is shit!


Timmy checked again. This was excactly the place of 'point of interest' but all he saw was a stupid pile of rocks.

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