Craptions Classics October 20, 2006

No, no, that's not him. The man that attacked me was much taller, and he was riding a horse


Other Craptions

Some argue that the American Revolution never occurred but was staged in a studio in Memphis.


And the 2006 pumpkin carving contest goes to...


FOX: Breaking news, Teacher gives head to student... again


Napolean Blownaparte


We followed your instructions and put his dick where his head was, but where will we put this?


Washing-ton. Washing-ton. Six foot twenty, fucking killing for fun.


Janice and Steve comforted Alan. He had desperately wanted to go to the fancy dress party, but he had no body to go with.


The coroner couldn't explain why the decapitated head of Chab Gassie was TOTALLY full of semen...

Dr Fine Dr. Howard Dr Fine

In retrospect perhaps that whole "Give me liberty or give me death!" thing was a bit ill conceived.


You can pick your friends, you can pick your nose, and with this special offer, you can pick your friends nose....

Rat Boy

Steve's replacement head finally arrived.

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