Craptions Classics October 18, 2006

The active camouflage was fully operational, at dawn the assault on Santa's workshop would begin.


Other Craptions

As they would later find out, the better present would have been flying lessons.

Mr K

The wrapping paper had been molded to perfection. No one suspected the gift card.


No, Cindy, I won't tell you. You'll have to unwrap it and find out.


moments later, Mary was disappointed to discover that it was just a helecoptor shaped box

not scrollock

To add an element of suprise to a fairly obvious gift, Carly added a special touch inside- a live leopard.


Rosie’s ex-husband smiled to himself. There was no way her new boyfriend could top the step-ladder.


Sleeping with a jolly fat man does have its advantages


1972 - Lance-Corporal Lindsey confirms men's fears about letting women join the airforce.


"But Daddy, I said I wanted a LEXUS! I HATE YOU!!!"

Choco Taco

Wow, honey! I can't believe you got me a Sikorsky! Thank you! You went to all that trouble and wrapped it, too. No, it's really great. (I wanted a BlackHawk!)


Mindy took the General's instructions to "Send those terrorist bastards a present" a little literally.

Puente Regalo

Boxes of chocolates have such complicated shapes these days.


There was disappointment at David Beckham's birthday party as he asked, "Is it a CD?"


The General thought the gold ribbon was a bit much.

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