Craptions Classics October 17, 2006

As he rushed in to knock the detonator out of Dr. Chaos's hands, Agent 5 realized it was too late. Cindy's hands had already exploded.

Jifted Kid

Other Craptions

And suddenly tom realized he wasn't zoomed in too far.


Final score:

USC 174, Reuters 6.

Empty can

Tom Hanks wished Matt Damon would stop following him. He just wanted to watch the game.


When he only got credited as "Cameraman #2," Steven Seagal knew his acting career was finally over.

who's ur daddy, jer

Tensions had grown between the Journalists and the Football Squad, until the only option was a brutal dance-off.


David didn't believe his mother when she warned him that his face would get stuck while making a silly expression. David is now a 51 year old photographer with a face that scares women, children and hot cheerleaders.


Director: "No no no! Cut! You caught your wife sniffing glue from your best friends armpit, while throwing darts at pictures of your penis. Your facial expression should be more like THIS"


"What do you do when you need protection against a Trojan?" Jim frantically pondered as his death quickly came towards him...

Choco Taco

With the cheerleader awe-struck, the cameraman enthralled, and the photagrapher terrified, James then realized how powerful his dick really was.


Contrary to popular belief, Mr. Demille was not ready for the closeup.

bones jackson

"Here, take this ball! I gotta go to the bathroom."
The ensuing dogpile on the photographer would result in one of the goriest of deaths in NCAA history...

Buddy Christ

this is what you call up close and personal!


Can you blame him? His zoom was broken.


"Like Oh My God! He's trying to shoot #5! Quick!! Use your Pom Pom Flurry Buffy!!"

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