Craptions Classics October 16, 2006

When magnified, common fleas look remarkably similar to South Asians.


Other Craptions

The townsfolk attempt to conceal their precious bamboo from the invaders.


With Simon dead, there was no one left who could issue the command to come down.

Simon Says

The war was long and bloody, but the giant spiders would eventually be defeated by sheer mass of numbers.


Jack unintentionally causes chaos after spilling his magic beans.


"Everybody! To the Batcave!"


And the winner is....IT'S A THAI!!!


In America, treehuggers are people who care a lot about the environment.

In Cambodia, they're just people who really like trees.

Dead Uncle Fred

Lee smiled to himself. He had the best hug out of anyone in the competition, and he knew it.


Children in Malaysia practice solutions to rising sea levels.


While more expensive erectile disfunction treatments are now becoming available, traditional remedies are still common in India


Knowing that Venezuela was next in line for an American invasion, President Hugo Chavez ordered the people of the country to transform into El Megatron

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