Craptions Classics October 12, 2006

I said "Help me find my FUCKING contact lens!" mortal!


Other Craptions

Try as she might, Janet couldn't shake that feeling that something was following her...


The church did not know what to think when they dug up the fossilized remains of God.


The pretty girl was looking at him! Ed tried to look nonchalant.


"I dunno, skully...I'm kind of nervous about my next final. The prof hates me. What would you do?"

"I'd eat his soul. No, wait...yeah, I'd probably definitely eat his soul."


Sarah knew their relationship wouldn't last, because his heart just wasn't in it.

Slippery Banana

"whoooooooooooo...I am the ghost of the liberal arts degree....heed my not make the same mistakes I did...."

Bob cobb

cue in boss battle music


Be forewarned. Women can talk the mighiest of men to death.


Doomed to an eternity bent over in a catholic church.


This was actually quite an improvement over some of the other blind dates Lisa had been on.

Whacky Boy

Brian Gordon, 23, amazingly captured this shot a split second before one of the roving skeleninjas tackled and killed him.


Paul Bunyon.. not in the flesh.


"And here we can clearly see where the turbine was located in the prehistoric giant man."


some people just don't dig Castlevania. What are ya gonna do?

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