Craptions Classics October 09, 2006

Proof that George Bush doesn't hate black people. See? He owns one!


Other Craptions

While Condoleezza Rice happily celebrated her sex change, Dick Cheney was starting to have regrets.

Lawnmover Man

"It's great, honey, but what I really wanted was a couch."

Senor Taco

Ms. Jones, I'd like you to meet Mr. Black... my new Secretary of the Blues.


So I said to the Genie:
"I want a white woman with a mean bush and some good blow."


"This is only a prototype, but soon all the afro carribeans will be powered by electricity"


Mistress White looked at her gimp in amusement. When she'd said her new apartment 'lacked colour', this wasn't what she'd had in mind.

El G

"Honey, I want you to meet the man behind this whole organization..."


"And when you plug him into the wall he dances."


As long as we don't move, he can't see us.


We're not so different, you and I. We've got matching pants.


I love these New Orleans Estate agents


Once black people began being elected to Whitehouse positions this "separate but equal" wing was added to the white house.


"He'll play eight hours straight before you have to charge him again."


It's so nice of you to give a place to sleep for one of those Katrina people I saw on CNN.

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