Craptions Classics October 08, 2006

Thanks to Homeland Security, it WAS a beautiful day in the neighborhood.


Other Craptions

"Ok, this guy's wanted for the murders of a little girl, her granny, and three little pigs. Let's take this sick bastard down."


Santa's goons quickly dismantled the elven workers union.

Chab Gassie

"I said "Are you on acid, son?""


Rare footage of all the king's men during the 1978 Humpty Dumpty drug bust.


No motherfucking Grinch was going to steal Christmas THIS year...


Keep your eyes out for a little blonde girl who's well rested and smells of porridge.


But when he reached the last house, the Big Bad Wolf found the Pigs all too ready for him.


If you're naughty, Santa will fuck your shit right up.


We represent the lollipop squad.


After years of oppression the Munchkins had enough. Now armed and well trained, they were ready for that bitch from the West and her flying hairballs.


you can't chach me i'm the.....OOOO shit

your sis

Sergeant Pugsy preffered to go gloveless, enjoying the feel of the hard wood against his skin.

Micheal Caine

It was a dark, dark day in the hood, someone had plucked mother goose....the motherpluckers....


"Santa, some kids want to see you about their presents."
"Are they black."
"Yes, but why is th-"
"Deploy the SWAT team. NOW."

mike hunt

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