Craptions Classics October 07, 2006

Sven learns that his bike seat fell off mid-jump. The hard way.

Dilldozer [edit]

Other Craptions

As the "G" on his shirt fell into the proper place, the reason for John's facial expression became unquestioningly clear.


After years of trying, Johnathon finally freed all the fruit-by-the-foot trapped in his colon.


having a 'crazy olympics' was a great idea.


Swedish Leroy Jenkins.


Look what the fuck they did to my hair on mile marker 4!!


The onlookers screamed in terror as Hank's innards flew through the air.

No one ever did catch that polar bear.


Sven had approached the perimeter.
His collar went into shock mode, as his feet pedalled faster.


the determind fans realised they had ripped all his hair out so they left him to bleed to death


This is for the gay parade right?

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