Craptions Classics October 05, 2006

With one fell swoop, Linux Fan was dead.


Other Craptions

The new body bags for the Army were supposed to bring some joy to the horrors of death.


The soldiers braced themselves as the enemy prepared to launch another penguin.

Senor Taco

Having never trained for a situation like this, the soldiers go on the defensive.


They never lost Red Rover. Ever.


And so The March of The Penguins came to a tragic conclusion.

ho smacka

Everone laughed when richard took sticks of chalk to battle instead of his shield. However, no one laughed when his magic white line stopped the suicide penguin.


No doubt about it. The glaciers were definitely receding.


March of the Penguins: Tianemen Square

Bowels of Humor

In one fell swoop, PWOT caption contestants forgot how to be funny.

Lynix fagg

The prinny was thrown... everyone braced themselves for the inevitable.


Even the members of SPINAL TAP couldn't explain the concept of their latest album cover to the record company.

Nigel Tufnel

Greenpeace's tactics got more bizare every year.


The Riot Police were called in when angry Craptioners took to the streets enraged over Craption favoritism toward Linux fan

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