Craptions Classics October 03, 2006

The astronauts, having no medical background, didn't realise the gravity of the situation.

Guy Incognito

Other Craptions

The world's first surgery experiment in zero-g was a failure. On the other hand, the world's first sexual harassment experiment in zero-g was a complete success.

Linux fan

Even though they inhaled dangerous amounts of helium, Craig and Sarah had to remain in the waiting room until a doctor was available.


As the doctors revived her, she could feel her soul rushing back to her body from heaven. And God was watching, with that stupid grin on his face.

German Agent 006

Its not rocket surgery!


Grey's Astronomy


Orange and Black always got left out of all the fun stuff, especially when the Blue Twins were involved in the situation.
This fact was mostly because of an event which Orange and Blue Junior would rather forget.


"Okay, now just start to close up the wound--HOLY SHIT! Who the fuck are they? This fucking Earth. How are they doing that? Oh god, Bill, you messed up the wound... Fucking angels."

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