Craptions Classics October 01, 2006

He didn't know who was behind it, but every week John was forced to spend valuable time touching up the heavily worn spots on the campus statue.

That Guy

Other Craptions

"Do we pay him to do that?"
"I don't think anyone does, sir."


Jerry couldn't stand to see cracks in his statue.

Ordinary Lobster

That'll give him something to think about

bowels of humor

"I wish people wouldn't tinker with the thinker's stinker. Now I must repair his derierre with care."


"Hmmm... you know what Fred? I've been thinking long and hard about this. Really hard. I want to be yellow now."


Buggar, Ive cracked it


So, what you thinkin' about now, sweetheart?? Yeeeaaaah... I know what you're thinking!!

Thomas Calnan

the thinker had learnt to accept that he would never see justice, besides he couldn't give testament in court


This'll cure that bug up yer chimney...

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