Craptions Classics February 15, 2006

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"That's a bid of $1400 by Mr. Hitchcock."

The Yeti

The wet willy stalker strikes another unsuspecting victim.

Joe Pants

Ed's 'one-eared bunny' was pretty impressive, but first prize in the shadow puppet contest was undisputedly won by Walter's 'fat man with mustache and glasses'.

Linux fan

After all these years and through all the disguises, Peter Pan's shadow had finally caught up with him, and he was none too pleased.


"Mommy, I am a grown man now. I will get my nipples pierced and you are not going to stop me."


"Ha! Tough luck, buddy. My chair now."

Senor Taco

As a child he only wanted to catch his shadow. As an adult, Peter Pans biggest regret in life was that he strangled the shit out of it.


Ratings for Shadow puppet Idol reached an all time low this week.


-"How was it again?"
-"For the last time, the loser sign is made with the other hand and a stretched thumb."


Bob started to regret attending the Shadow Puppet Contest for People with One Finger.


Ted knew Bob was full of it, He was the number 1 guy.

bubba ho tep

"For the last time, its $20 for a lap dance!"

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