Craptions Classics September 26, 2006

Simon is a very lucky amoeba, he will eat well tonight.


Other Craptions

As Billy's hands drifted down there once more, he realized his mom was dead wrong. He wasn't going blind. In fact, the world had never looked more colorful.


The other kids all laughed, but now Billy really had opened the space-time continuim, and they would pay.


Coming up next on Bill Cosby's "Kids Join the Darndest Cults!"...


Jimmy looked around in amazement..his friends were right....shrooms were the greatest things EVER.

Oh YOu like it

Bobby wished his mother would put as much effort into making his Halloween costumes as Billy's mom had with his 'entity far beyond mortal comprehension' getup.

Linux fan

Michael Jackson's "bubble field" proved to be more effective than he ever could have imagined.


Billy liked listening to the bubbles'. Yesterday, they told him to kill his parents. Today, who knows what they would say!


And they say weed wont work the first time, little timmy thought otherwise


2 Pounds a month will buy fresh clothes and a personal moisture vaporator.
Go on... adopt a Jawa

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