Craptions Classics September 23, 2006


Does anyone else have a reason why these two should not be wed?

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Other Craptions

As if on cue, Joy's wedding was crashed by a staggering hoard of flesh eating zombies.


In the battle of the sexes, a traitor has emerged.


"It's almost too easy," Mary said as the targets scrambled for the bouquet.


First we had WoW marige, now witness a Counter Strike wedding.


8 funerals and a wedding.

almeida fan

James was happy he found friends that let him wear a dress while hunting.


Little Timmy reached up his hand to tug Lady Jessica's veil. What happened next would be tragedy.


The key to a loving, nurturing marriage is to round up the inlaws everyone hates and shoot them in the fucking head.


"False alarm, just Dave in a bear suit."


In Today's News: Gay Marriage protesters take the debate to a whole new level

bowels of humour

It just so happened that every single one of the wedding presents happened to be a double-barreled shotgun...


On second thought, maybe the open bar wasn't such a hot idea.


Jenny was positive that the wedding crew could hold out against the red-coat line.


The new hit Fox show, "Who Wants to Marry a Homicidal Bitch."

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