Craptions Classics September 20, 2006

Chang eyed the next piece of shit he was going to glue to his bike.


Other Craptions

One of these men has a gigantic penis.

Dr. Wang

Oh god, oh god, don't look at him, oh god, he want's a race, just keep looking forwards, he'll get bored. Oh come on lights, change...


Chang laughed heartily to himself inside. Neither his opponent nor the race organisers had noticed the small fan glued to the back of his bike. The race would be his.


Action figures sold separately


Stewart knew he was screwed when he equipped the scooter during the end of level boss fight.

Chab Gassie

Juan never got over his father not buying him the Big Wheel he wanted for his sixth birthday.


Once the ratings for 'Monster Garage' plummetted, the budget was sliced in half, and Lego became the only sponsor willing to fund the show.

Choco Taco

The bike had made him feel safer, but nothing could have prepared him for the blue starfish attacking his hand.


Blowing away the 'small penis' asian stereotype..


Protesters at the Kyoto Earth Summit demonstrate the USA's position on everything.


"If only it could shoot turtle shells" Chang thought to himself as he rode off into the sunset.


"Hey, that thing got a hemi?"


Oh ya,... well.. my bike is bigger!

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