Craptions Classics September 18, 2006

Though Ronnie was a succes on the mat, there was suspicion that he had lied about his age to get into high school.


Other Craptions

In the end, the straggler pays the price for wandering away from the herd.

Teh B.S.

Eugene was delighted. He had finally found someone who was willing to listen to his World War 2 stories.

Linux fan

CRACK! ... it was then when John realized that he would probably fail the CPR exam


"Oops, I crapped my pants!"


Steve began to vomit, but Master Po caught it in his hand and made him gobble it back up.

Tollbooth Willy, Jr.

Barney McGillis demonstrates his signature move, the "Sleeper Hold". So named because it is best used when your opponent is already sound asleep.

Dead Pirate Fred

With an arm locked under leg, fingers trapped by mouth suction and balls firmly in hand: Tod finally had his old man where he wanted him.


Lesson #1 at Pedophile Training Academy: try to plow your victim while he's still sleeping.


"What? Me? A sexual predator?"


michl jackson gets really fukin desprate


Tommy signed up for teaching self-defense at the old folks home but this wasn't what he expected.

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