Craptions Classics September 17, 2006

The Prime Minister's jaw dropped; his grip tightened on his blue plastic tail. Despite all his precautions, he and the Chancellor had once again arrived at the G8 summit dressed identically.


Other Craptions

People thought he was being facetious when the Devil claimed Osama was "talking out of his ass."


"All right - you siphon the gas; I'll keep watch."

Senor Taco

It was then that Nightcrawler realised he could stop Bin-Laden by teleporting inside him.

Mr. Matt

Even as the centuries ranged far beyond the span of Aladdin's years, Jafar's predicament could always elicit a chuckle and a wistful sigh from the old genie.


Once the LSD wore off, wearing the blue devil costume with the Osama ass mask to College Career day didn't seem like such a good idea.

John Healey

Osama too, shall pass.


To hell with this colonoscopy, Frank thought. I'm still going to the fair today.


No one had the nerve to tell Joe to get his head out of his ass.


Jerry was sad to learn that he had been kicked out of the Blue Man Group for being "too political".


It was later admitted in court that Sun-Begone sunblock carried the slight possibility for certain... "side-effects."


Gene Simmons eat your heart out.


Just don't ask what the hose is for, especially the one in front.


Does my ass look hairy

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